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The Clinic Bel Etage is located in the Pradus Medical Center in the middle of the state capital Düsseldorf. It provides more than 4,000 square meters of co-working space for specialists from various medical disciplines. We offer comprehensive consultation in our private outpatient centre. We’ll make time for you. We offer state-of-the-art high-tech equipment and integrated health services that are symbiotically aligned. The clinic has four university-quality operating rooms. Our Treatment Center offers innovative conservative and alternative treatment methods. Patients are treated professionally in our wards – a special, warm and inviting atmosphere. The Clinic Bel Etage is a licensed private clinic with the mandate to offer optimal treatment to both privately insured patients as well as those with statutory health insurance. Please enquire about all of our current options!  


The very best in medical care!

We develop an individual, holistic treatment strategy for each and every patient. We’re not dogmatic in any way; instead, we apply successful therapeutic methods from all medical disciplines. Conventional medicine and alternative medicine as well as conservative and surgical treatment methods are combined under one roof. We don’t just offer you any therapy; we try to develop an optimal concept specifically designed for you. Our specialists are given freedom to choose their own methods, and together with you they develop the best solution. Due to our extensive experience, our clinic comes up with innovations on a routine basis. You’ll get above-standard care at the Clinic Bel Etage. We want to be your partner as you work on regaining your health! Don’t cut corners with your health – you should instead demand state-of-the-art medicine with gentle procedures and high-quality implants at fair prices.



Neurosurgery is one of the newest surgical disciplines. It deals with all illnesses in which nerve tissue is compressed or degenerated or exhibits functional disorders. This includes vascular illnesses that can have an effect on nerve tissue. No other discipline has developed as rapidly as neurosurgery. In the early 20th century, Harvey Cushing earned acclaim when one of his patients survived surgery on a benign tumor (meningioma) for a few months. This recognition was rightfully earned; in the course of his work, he was able to reduce the mortality rate for this type of surgery from 90% to 7%. With the introduction of the surgical microscope (in spinal surgery in particular) as well as the endoscope, surgical interventions became increasingly less invasive and with this less stressful and more successful. With stereotactic surgery and neuronavigation, probes can be placed accurately to the millimeter. The future of neurosurgery is in the modulation of brain and neural functions. Some examples of this are treatment of tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease and nerve stimulation for therapy-resistant pain. We now have probes that can be implanted without a stimulator, which allows the most important MRI examinations to still be performed.

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Measurement of intracranial pressure

Pain therapy with electric pacemakers (SCS / DRG)

Brain surgery


The Clinic Bel Etage is one of the leading international mobility-preserving spinal surgery centers. Our extensive experience in the field of intervertebral disc prostheses is respected not only by our patients, but also by medical professionals throughout the world. Here at our clinic, implantation of intervertebral disc prostheses is routine, not unusual. Spondylodesis or fusion surgery, which is still widely practiced today, is avoidable in many cases. This applies in particular to the cervical spine. Bone can be ablated very gently with ultrasound and the help of the patented BoneScalpel without injury to sensitive neural structures or vessels. The patient’s anatomy can be better preserved with this procedure and the risk associated with the surgery can be reduced significantly by using rotating milling tools. The surgeons at the Clinic Bel Etage are given therapeutic freedom to make implantation decisions that are best for their patients. We do not try to cut corners when it comes to their health. Even in cases where the objective is stabilization, we aim for maximum protection of musculature and residual mobility by using percutaneous and dynamic procedures. Minimally invasive surgical techniques provide multiple advantages. Not only do they lower the risk of blood loss and infections, they also contribute to quicker healing of wounds and the patients’ recovery process. To avoid scar tissue, we use special gels that greatly reduce adhesion of the scars to neural tissue. The high quality of implants and the excellent surgical care of our patients is also reflected in insurance providers’ growing trust in our clinic.

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Intervertebral disc prosthetics

Minimally invasive stabilizations

Treatment of cervical intervertebral disc herniations

Treatment of spinal canal stenoses

Treatment of the sacroiliac joint syndrome

Treatment of scoliosis


All regions of the locomotor apparatus are treated with optimal therapeutic methods at the Clinic Bel Etage. The Clinic Bel Etage represents a paradigm shift in orthopedics. Whereas late surgical treatment was the goal in the past, more severe damage in hips and knees caused by long-term and painful pathological weight bearing can today be prevented with early chondrocyte transplantation. With this minimally invasive arthroscopy, ligamental reconstructions and elimination of impingement syndromes or frozen shoulder can also be performed. But the field of endoprosthetics has also changed. Due to modern implants, the patient no longer has to wait years for a hip endoprosthesis. The design of the new hip prostheses facilitates early treatment without the contingency of having to perform a necessary revision in the future. Because of the development of minimally invasive access techniques, the patients can be mobilized much more rapidly. Individual knee prostheses are already customized via computer simulation before surgery for an ideal fit. The surgeon receives “patient-specific instruments” (PSI), which are individual and specific instruments for each and every case. Inverse shoulder prostheses can significantly improve mobility. Degenerative changes in the joints or wear and tear due to work and sports are treated with special orthobiologic serums that not only minimize pain, but also contribute to chondrocyte regeneration.

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Noninvasive procedures (ACP, ultrasound, physiotherapy, etc.)

Minimally invasive techniques (arthroscopy, chondrocyte transplantation, etc.)

Shoulder (inverse shoulder prostheses, etc.)

Elbow (complex treatment with prostheses, etc.)

Hip (short shaft prostheses, AMIS, etc.)

Knee (individual prostheses with PSI technique, etc.)

Sports medicine (orthobiological procedure, etc.)

Pediatric orthopedics


The task of conventional medicine is to remedy functional disorders of the body when nature is not able to do this. The approach of alternative medicine is to facilitate nature’s self-healing process. Both therapeutic approaches are pursued jointly in the Clinic Bel Etage in order to not lose sight of the whole person with all of this specialization. Most illnesses start with inflammatory changes in the body. New measuring procedures such as regulations thermography are validly reproducible and with detection of local hyperthermia help to recognize illnesses early before they cause damage. Did you know that there are more nerve cells in the gastrointestinal tract than in the brain, or that we have more bacteria in our intestines than body cells? Sanitation of the bowels and the microbiome are therefore at the core of complementary treatment. Only when this is completed can the body be supplied with sufficient micronutrients by means of individual orthomolecular medicine to recharge our energy cells (mitochondria) (MITO therapy). Pure psychological or medical therapy of depression or burn-out is therefore senseless if the body itself is not in a position to generate its own energy.

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Intestinal microecological therapy

Regulation thermography

Orthomolecular medicine (micronutrient therapy)

MITO therapy

Individual dietary consultation

Metabolic Balance


Allergy testing

Lifestyle consultation


At our clinic, plastic surgery is not merely limited to cosmetic surgery. Our experts cover all areas of reconstructive plastic surgery. We also perform breast reductions and treat the painful lipedema syndrome.

Scar contractures and cleft lips are also included in our surgeons’ spectrum. Just like in our other disciplines, the highest qualitative and aesthetic standards apply in our plastic surgery. Our experts will gladly consult with you regarding your options and applicable costs. Not all plastic surgery interventions are covered by the insurance companies.

But patients are often not aware that insurance companies also cover plastic interventions if there is a medical indication.

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Breast surgeries

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)


Treatment of scars

Purely aesthetic interventions


The clinic for ear, nose and throat problems features specialists in each of the sectors of this discipline. We decide in the outpatient clinic whether you even need inpatient admission at all. The focus in this discipline includes corrections of the nasal septum and the paranasal sinuses due to ventilation problems. Also included are treatments of sleep disorders due to snoring, with the cause often in the pharynx. Because of interdisciplinary collaboration of neurosurgery and cardiology with the ENT department, dizziness phenomena can be comprehensibly clarified in our Vertigo Center.

Our ear specialists deal with improvement in your hearing.

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Heart problems can abruptly cause severe problems. This could be due to stenoses in the coronary vessels or also arrhythmias. Many patients have been made aware of their heart problems by our thorough preoperative clarification (ECG, 24-hour ECG, 24-hour blood pressure measurement, stress ECG, echocardiography, stress echocardiography). We advise you about the existing risks and your therapeutic options (cardiac catheter, pacemaker, defibrillator, etc.) if serious disorders exist. We use a holistic approach in this and advise you in detail about problems with your hormonal balance, a change of nutrition, exercise therapy and stress management strategies.

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The Clinic Bel Etage has its own physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. We want to make sure that you regain your equilibrium. We first get you properly “out of equilibrium” for this. You will learn how to control your body on our SensoBoard and have a lot of fun doing it. You will see which muscles have already “gone into retirement” when you use our rowing and stand-up paddling machines, etc. Our philosophy is complete body training supported by equilibrium exercises and EMS. Of course we also offer massages, manual therapy, classic physiotherapy, electrotherapy and Fango. The Center of Balance is constantly expanded with innovative training methods. It’s well worth a visit. Our therapists are optimally familiar with postoperative treatments due to their collaboration with our surgeons. We or your trusted physiotherapist will especially provide support through the critical phase of the first 6-12 weeks, when the scar forms and the bone ossifies with the implant.

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